Loyalty Programme

To join the loyalty programme, you must open an account.

The programme will allow you to accrue points, each point being worth 0.0225 €.


How can you obtain points ???

  • From an order.
          Each order over 10 € grants you points.

 1 € ordered = 1 point = 0.015 €


It is then the total amount of the order which is taken into account

Your loyalty points will be credited at the moment of the dispatch of the order. Just as they will be debited, in case of return, of the amount of that return. 

  • From a sponsorship.

The registering of your recommandee will give you 5 € in the conditions specified in the corresponding heading.

  • How can follow the total of my points ?
         The points are cumulative and valid one year from the last getting of points.

Your points are linked to your account. They cannot then be transferred to another account, or be accrued to those of another account.

  • How can you use your points?
         Your points correspond to a customer credit you can use (or not) at the time of another order. They can be used even in the case of a special offer.