You can find here all the questions that are often asked.

Ii you don't find the answer to your question,  don't hesitate to contact
us by mail through the contact card you find on top of the website.



The shop

Does it exist Mon Premier Doudou Shops ?


No, there does not exist a Mon Premier Doudou shop. Mon Premier Doudou is only an on-line shop.

How does the loyalty program function ?


To enjoy our loyalty program, you must have registered an account on our website. If you place your order as a guest, you cannot enjoy loyalty points.

How can I enjoy my loyalty points? 


You’ll find the details of our loyalty program by going to this page.



The customer account

I have lost my access codes. How can I access to my account ?


It is possible to reset your access codes by clicking on "Connexion” or “password forgotten ?”

I have not received any confirmation email after the creation of my customer account.


It is possible you have a mistake in the writing of your email address or your server is not recognized. In that case we receive a message telling us that your account opening or order confirmation, payment message has not been transmitted. We will quickly enter in contact with you to confirm we have registered your information.



Twin, triplets and more .... !

Do you propose discounts for parents of twins (or more) ?


Mon Premier Doudou proposes to parents having twins, triplets (or more!) promo codes or exclusive advantages



The products 

Are the products on sale guaranteed ?


Some products have a guarantee. In that case, it is mentioned on the product description.

Jewels: The gold jewels have a one year guarantee (from the invoice date)

Are the products in accordance with standards ?


All the products we propose are in accordance to standards.

I have found a product, cheaper on another website.


Don’t hesitate to contact us by mail contact@monpremierdoudou. or by phone 0033 469 355 981, we will study your question.



The promotions

Is there a page where I can found products on special offer ?


You will find the particulars of our products in promotion by going on that page.



Jewels and gold and silver Work

How can I have the engraving of the jewel I want to order noted?


Before adding a jewel to your cart, you’ll find on its card, the “personalization” part.

I - Give the pieces of information you want to be engraved, and your order will be completed.

II – Choose the type face you want. The different typefaces are present on the photos of your jewel.

III – Add the product to your cart



The order

Can I add a message for the person to whom I give my order?


Yes, you can write a short message to the attention of a third person. This option will be proposed to you as you finalize your order in the same time as the gift packaging.

Your message will be printed on a post card.


Can I enjoy a gift packaging?


Yes, a gift packaging is proposed on the main part of the website items.

The gift packaging will be charged 2€. (Tell us in the box under the gift packaging option, whether the gift is for a boy or a girl).

For certain types of items, the option is not available (Bulky, heavy or not easy to wrap up items).




Invoicing and payment

What are the different payment modes accepted?


For our customers in Europe or at the International, we accept payments by card, bank transfer or Paypal.

Payments by bank card are possible up to 400€. Over 400€ payments can be done by transfer or with Paypal.


Can I pay in several times ?


Yes, you can pay in 3 or 4 times free of charges for any order over 100€ inclusive of tax, either by transfer or with Paypal.  Your order will be shipped when the totality of the invoice will have been paid


I want to pay with a card, but this payment mode is not proposed?


The payment by Bank Card is only available for amounts under 400€. For amounts over 400€ it is not possible to pay with your card; the payment must be done by transfer or by Paypal.


I want to pay by bank transfer. Have I to wait before my order is shipped ?


Yes, for the payments by bank transfer we ship the order only when we have received the payment.






What are the different delivery modes?


  • For shipping to Europ or the French Dom Tom, .there are several possibilities. Deliveries with Colissimo and GLS with a time according to destination from 24 hours to some days.
  • For shipping at international, deliveries are done by FedEx or Colissimo, within 2 to several days.
  • For pieces of furniture over 30kg, deliveries are done by Ziegler or FedEx.

At International, according to destination, delivery is done by plane or by boat. It is possible that in the case of big parcels (over 30 kg) you would have to do the clearing through customs by yourself. If you cannot do it we have a network that can do it. You’ll have to add  administrative expanses for the procedure.


Is it possible to follow the shipment of the parcel ?


Yes, as soon as your order as been shipped you will receive an email with the follow up number of your parcel. You will then be able to follow the progress of your parcel on the website of your haulier.


I am leaving for a holiday and I want to receive my order only when I’ll be back. How can I do ?


Nous vous recommandons de nous contacter par téléphone au 0033 469 355 981 ou par email afin de nous faire part de la date de livraison souhaitée. Nous procéderons à la mise en attente de votre colis et nous vous l'expédierons dès votre retour.


I have not received my parcel , but my haulier’s website says it has been delivered, giving my follow-up number. What can I do ?


We recommend you to contact us as soon as possible by mail or by phone 0033 469 355 981. We will start an investigation by our haulier, but to that, we need a hand-written certificate saying you have not received your parcel, with a photocopy of your ID card.


During my order process, I am told there is no haulier for my country. How can I place my order ?

We recommend you to contact us by phone or by mail. We work with several hauliers around the world and in most cases we can rapidly tell you  the delivery cost for your order





Works Councils and Communities

Is it possible to order in large quantities ?


We are able to deliver usually important orders easily, but it may be impossible for certain items of the website.

Don’t hesitate to contact us by mail or by phone


Do you grant advantages to Works Councils and Communities ?


We have no predetermined discounts. However, we can propose you, as the case may be discounts  according to the wished items.

Don’t hesitate to contact us by mail or by phone.