Baby Shower   


Congratulations for that happy event !!!


You have chosen our website to accompany you for the creation of your baby shower


we thank you for it.

Many of your close relatives and friends will want to offer you gifts to take part to your happiness. It is easier to propose a list of presents you would wish to receive! This can avoid receiving identical gifts and make easier for your relations to make a choice corresponding to your desires and needs.

When you are going to set up your baby shower, try to think to everybody: put items of all prices, so that the person who offers may choose a product he feels like. You can thus save money and be sure to receive useful products.

We are going to guide you in your approach.

       I.          To start with, you’ll have to create your customer account in our shop.

      II.         To find again, manage your list or create a new one, you have to go to “My account” in the tab “My  lists”

If you wish to create several lists, you have just to say in the insert “New list” a name for your new list and record it.

Notice : You can create several lists, and give each one a specific name, in the case you want to send different lists to some persons.

    III.          You can now begin to set up your “List”. To do so, you just have to choose the articles which interest you by clicking on “Add to my Baby Shower list”, instruction you will find on every product description

You can add day after day products on your list.        

     IV.          You have made a selection of products and want to share it now with your relations.

Before you send it, you can give indications on every item of the list  :

  •   The quantity of that item you want.

  •   The priority level you give to it : low, medium, high.

 Thus you will indicate which item you expect most.

     V.          You want to share your list:

Click on the instruction “Share the list”, give the e-mail address of the recipients and click on”send”.


We offer you a discount voucher of 10% on all the products that will be bought from your baby shower.

To get it, you have just to contact us at the birth of your baby and we will send the promo code by email

This is valid for six months.